Meltdown - look closely

The meltdown paper paints an image, that every Intel processor has the problem that every process on the system can simply read the memory from kernel and any other process.

Our research has shown, that this is only the case with preconditions. These preconditions are not covered in the meltdown paper, so we want to clarify this to be able to see what the real issue is about meltdown - in practical.

Meltdown IS an issue, but the current meltdown paper is not telling us the whole story, and the currently PoC from the authors of the meltdown paper are tricking us.

We want to go deeper. This is all about this website.

Comments and suggestions are welcome - if its relevant, we will post it here. Just write us an email.

More details & help finding the preconditions

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11.01.2018 - Markus Schräder - CryptoMagic GmbH